Why Selecting a diet plan without changing your schedules ?

Why Selecting a diet plan without changing your schedules ?

This a big question and is very important to understand,

We are living a normal life where we are interconnected to our schedules of work family etc, While people going to GYM etc have made it a part of their life.

But there are certain people who even willingly cannot change their schedule or add up time for this, So lets do one more thing include our eating habit with something which is more helpful to our weight loss.

Next more important thing here for us is that, even if we work hard to change our schedule and we do it for a couple of months and then we are successful in losing a couple of pounds, what happens next is we stop our diet and schedules and then again we start gaining extra pounds and this time its more worst then the previous one.

What is the difference between people who are slim and fat,

Every one answers is they eat rich food, or more diet food.

Some say they exercise well. Etc

So what about people who are lazy and they eat junk food and they don’t do exercise yet they are thin.


Well its nothing like that, There are certain vitamins and minerals etc which our body need to desolve the extra fat which is beeing stored in the body, but we are missing that.

So what we are doing here is ading our body to gain those extra minirals and vitamins or nutritions so that our body can help it self to lose that unwanted fat.

I hope you would like to work on it, Thought the topic looks a bit tricky, and yes it would take some extra time to get you in shape but this would not change as soon as you leave your diet.

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Weight Loss · Weight Loss Diet Plan – Week 1

Weight Loss Diet Plan – Week 1

Weight Loss Diet Plan – Week 1


Hello Guys,

Yes we start from here how you need to work on your food intake, Which will help you to reduce a few pounds.

We now you have increase a few pounds and why the reason is your diet has a sound intake of protien content which in terms changes in to Fat which is not used by your body (Can also be said extra) It does not get self discarded.

There are certain diet suplement which you need to intake to discast as you don’t work out or may be there is some uneven changes.

What we will do here is we will start with the intake of BETAINE – It a supliment which helps to convet homocysteine (amino acid ) to methionine. Homocysteine is an amino acid which is created naturally. While they are building blocks for all protiens, But studies have show that high level of homocysteine (amino acid ) is harmful for health, Which lead to atherosclerosis.

While we don’t go in so deep but we need to balance the intake of BETAINE in our body, Below I would suggest the food products.

And before I start you need to take a pen and a paper note down your exact weight, and the current date.

The most import product is


Its ¼ Cup about 15 grms contains 200 Mg of BETAINE.

What is WHEAT BRAN – is also know as KONDA or THULI You need to add it to your food daily.

WHEAT BRANS are sweet in taste and not every one likes it.

Important note here is that please be very careful with the intake of WHEAT BRAN you need to start slow as access intake may also cause diarrhea  

How to use Adding WHEAT BRANS to Muffins, Pancakes, Biscuits, Waffles or cookies is a good way to start up your intake with WHEAT BRANS.

As I suggested above the intake should be a bit slow so would suggest that you start an intake with 15 grams at an initial stage, And still if you face any medical condition then weight for 1 or 2 days and then start an intake of 5 – 10 grams or consult a specialist or a doctor.

Well note that WHEAT BRAN are also present in certain products available in market but their content is too low to effect where as there are several other contacts which does not allow it to do effect so if you start an intake using that it would be of no use.

  • “QUINOA”

As it is found in South America there is no different word for it in India – But Know there are several substitutions for this.

  • Millets
  • Amarnath
  • Brown rice
  • Buckwheat
  • Kaniwa

While you can also find QUINOA in online store, As Trade has been a good scope for business man so the product is now available across the world.

If cooked its 1 cup and if uncooked its ¼ cup contains 178 Mg


So Either you start consuming “WHEAT BRAN”   or   “QUINOA”


Which ever is easily available in your region.


Now the second content is a type of raw food and it should be taken daily.

  • Beets

Or you can call it beet root or chukandar in hindi,

Its not much liked by every one but I would suggest it to make it a part of your salad in your daily meal what ever you eat.

A cup of Beets contains 175 MG of BETAINE

Well you can add some salt and pepper to it with a slight tough of vinegar there are several type of salads.



Now its time for your main course

  • Spinach

1 Cup cooked contains 160 Mg of BETAINE

  • Amarnath Grains

1 cup cooked or ½ cup un cooked contains 130 Mg of BETAINE


  • RYE Grains

1 Cup Cooked or ½ uncooked contains 123 MG of BETAIN


  • Kamut Wheat Grains –

1 cup cooked or ½ cup cooked contains 105 Mg of BETAINS

  • Bulgar Grain

1 cup cooked or ½ cup uncooked contains 76 Mg of BETAINS


  • Sweet Potato

1 medium potato contains 39 Mg of BETAINE


While if you are a non vegetarian you can also have a “Turkey Breast”

1 Breast contain 39 Mg of BETAINE



Wow Now what you can do is

  • Cook some muffins, Biscuits or cookies for your whole week and store it in a place and daily have it with your evening tea or you can carry it to your office to for your daily consumption.
  • Breakfast can be done making Pancakes or Waffles of different flavorless – While I can say that Pancakes and honey are fun to eat.
  • You have a list of dishes which you can cook with your main course ingredients, With the regular dishes you cook add this one dish as per mentions 1 cup or ½ cup not more that that.
  • And please don’t forget the beets which are to be added in your salads list.


Your Diet has been started for the first week and you don’t have to stop eating your routine food but just you need to add these supplements.

Thanks for now, I will take a leave and will be back again next week with more details, If you have any questions or queries feel free to use my contact us page.

I have mentioned previously, For intake of infants or children’s or Pregnant women or breast feeding women or people suffering from any dieses should consult their doctors first.

This is for normal over weight adults while one more thing I would suggest is that you can walk bare footed in the park for just 10 mints daily. Or if you don’t have much time you can walk on the road also only for 10 mints.

And you know you will be able to walk as people who build their physique take BETAINE which helps them to increase stamina and also heals muscles pain .


Introduction · Weight Loss

Weight Loss Diet Planning

Introduction To Diet Planning / Weight Loss

Well yes you are a good looking individual, and I know u are smart but its just that u have increased a bit of a weight and it can be easily reduced, While known to several techniques you are always miss guided to different things, or you will have to do a hardcore work out or you need to stop eating the food you love and start a plan which does not looks like to be eaten.


Well My technique is a bit old fashioned and simple and may take a small amount of time but I can say a lot have taken benefit from it and have reduced few pounds and you can try this too.

It has been seen in the internet that after an attractive catch, there are long informative things which need to be read and at the end you see a buy now button lols and that frustrating and again the question is if you would buy it how long would u struggle to work on the plan and then the money is waisted.

I guss a lot of you might have wasted number of dollars over this.

Well here you don’t need any things like

  • You will not have to buy any formula from me – But you need to buy food products from the market which I suggest you to eat (lols) that cannot be given free.
  • There will be no long working hours in the GYM
  • There would be no restriction on your current diet plan

You just need a simple adjustments and add up some of the food products which I will suggest.

I would like every one to keep a note this is an informative blog where I share information, I don’t not charge anything for this but I would also say that if there is no change in you after a process you would have to consult a specialist yet no claims will be held against the blog for sharing the information.

Infints + Small childrens + Pregrent women + Brest feeding women and people suffering from several desiese should cusult their coresponding doctors regarding the food product which I suggest and then they can have an intake.

We are not responsible for any kind of problem caused, As we are just suggesting natural food products which are available in the market.


In any case if you require information or any suggestion over the information feel free to use the contact us page with your questions.



Facebook Paid and Free Promotion Difference

Have you ever wondered why certain companies progress are predefined an they lead to success,

Its because no matter what there are certain specific predefined results which they have already defined and which lead them to progress.

We need to understand the difference between paid and free promotion.

If you ask me what will I go for if wanted to go for a facebook promotion ?

Well my answer is I will always go for the paid promotion.

Now why and what are the difference ?

Reason for going for paid promotion in place of free promotion is I will show u the difference in the table below.

Particular Paid Results Free Results
Time You have an exact definition within 24 hours you will have these many number of likes. You cannot specify.
Money You spend money and you will get results, There are thousands of examples. You spend money in hiring man power and you can expect but there is no definition.
Targeted Audience You can define age, sex and area and define your targeted audience. This is a mass broadcast amongst your network and you will have to wait for your targeted audience.


I have defined three important points, which will define your balance sheet of your company at the end of the first quarter.

Well I have a paid which has been caring 9K likes and another which has less than 100 likes now while we start sharing our products on both the page at the same time I can see there is a difference.

Only 9K likes page I have 1K people saw the post

And on my 100 likes page 10 people saw the post.

Well what happens is from my 9K likes page I had minimum 50 inquires and out of that i was able to convert more than 40 inquiries as i had generate likes for my targeted audience. So while I shared the post people started inquiring.

Now on the other hand I have 100 likes page and 10 people saw the post these likes have been generated anonymously, so none of the 10 people were interested in it.

So No matter I shared a very interesting product or most selling product but it was not a targeted market so it won’t be useful.

Now I will make you understand with accountability subject :




Paid Promotion :

While you spend 200 per day you can receive 14 – 56 likes

We keep and average of 40 likes

So ( 200 X 30 = 6000) per month

Likes ( 40 X 30 = 1200) Likes

So while you spend 6K  per month you get 1.2K likes which are your targeted audience as per your specified age, sex, area and keyword.


Free Promotion :

You hire and employ to work on facebook.

Every month you spend minimum of 10K but there are no targeted results over it,


None of the person will be able to define what will be the results.


So after 3 months A company who is doing paid promotion will have 3.6K likes which are his exact audience and will start making money as he has the audience which are looking for the same product which is been shared.

And the person who has done free promotion will be waiting for results no matter how good his products will be.

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