Facebook Paid and Free Promotion Difference

Have you ever wondered why certain companies progress are predefined an they lead to success,

Its because no matter what there are certain specific predefined results which they have already defined and which lead them to progress.

We need to understand the difference between paid and free promotion.

If you ask me what will I go for if wanted to go for a facebook promotion ?

Well my answer is I will always go for the paid promotion.

Now why and what are the difference ?

Reason for going for paid promotion in place of free promotion is I will show u the difference in the table below.

Particular Paid Results Free Results
Time You have an exact definition within 24 hours you will have these many number of likes. You cannot specify.
Money You spend money and you will get results, There are thousands of examples. You spend money in hiring man power and you can expect but there is no definition.
Targeted Audience You can define age, sex and area and define your targeted audience. This is a mass broadcast amongst your network and you will have to wait for your targeted audience.


I have defined three important points, which will define your balance sheet of your company at the end of the first quarter.

Well I have a paid which has been caring 9K likes and another which has less than 100 likes now while we start sharing our products on both the page at the same time I can see there is a difference.

Only 9K likes page I have 1K people saw the post

And on my 100 likes page 10 people saw the post.

Well what happens is from my 9K likes page I had minimum 50 inquires and out of that i was able to convert more than 40 inquiries as i had generate likes for my targeted audience. So while I shared the post people started inquiring.

Now on the other hand I have 100 likes page and 10 people saw the post these likes have been generated anonymously, so none of the 10 people were interested in it.

So No matter I shared a very interesting product or most selling product but it was not a targeted market so it won’t be useful.

Now I will make you understand with accountability subject :




Paid Promotion :

While you spend 200 per day you can receive 14 – 56 likes

We keep and average of 40 likes

So ( 200 X 30 = 6000) per month

Likes ( 40 X 30 = 1200) Likes

So while you spend 6K  per month you get 1.2K likes which are your targeted audience as per your specified age, sex, area and keyword.


Free Promotion :

You hire and employ to work on facebook.

Every month you spend minimum of 10K but there are no targeted results over it,


None of the person will be able to define what will be the results.


So after 3 months A company who is doing paid promotion will have 3.6K likes which are his exact audience and will start making money as he has the audience which are looking for the same product which is been shared.

And the person who has done free promotion will be waiting for results no matter how good his products will be.

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